reasons dating is the actual worst


Dating is harrrrdddddddd…This single girl has gone on what feels like 345 dates in the last 4 months. Sadly, with not much luck in return. For fun or whatever, I have compiled a list of reasons dating is the actual worst.

  1. you have to talk about yourself.
    • i am not one to tell people everything about myself. I’m a fairly private person and you have to be in the inner circle to know the details about my life. So talking about myself is majorly exhausting.
  2. dressing up.
    • I haven’t bought too many outfits for these bazillion dates and good thing because I would be living in my car at this point. Even if you don’t have to buy clothes you need to make sure you wear the things you feel most comfortable without looking like a slob or a floozy (my matching pjs are what I feel comfortable, cute, and confident in).
  3. shaving.
    • enough said.
  4. it takes a lot of time.
    • when i was going on dates regularly, like 3 times a month (with a new guy I might add..insert eye roll emoji), it took a lot of time away from other things. Time away from friends but even myself. I love having me time – thank you introvert life.
  5. you have to open up.
    • it’s not just about telling the person what you do for a living and hobbies you have but letting them in. I read an article I think on Psychology Today that said on a first date tell a secret to one another. I thought that was a little too far but it’s nice, if you’re in to them of course, to let them in a little. I’m learning how to do this with everyone BTW.
  6. it gets your hopes up.
    • out of 12-13 guys I have been interested in about 3 of them. I mentioned a couple of them before but I have gone out with the most recent guy a couple of times now and he has me all hella confused. We have talked aka texted, every day for the last month or so that we met but the last couple of days have been super weird! I am super annoyed actually and feel myself closing up because I need to protect myself.
    • since I have been interested in this guy I thought maybe it could go somewhere…like a 3rd date, but who knows. I am nervous that I’m wasting my time but am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt…whatever. I’m annoyed…can you tell?
  7. makes you lose a little hope each time for humanity.
    • okay so I realize this might be a tad dramatic, but with each guy I have gone out with I lose a little hope that there is a fascinating, kind, honest male out there. I do know some amazing men, they are all taken, good for them and their spouse…sucks for the rest of us.
  8. waiting.
    • dating is a waiting game. It’s not that the girl has no say or can’t ask him out because she totally can because we’re in the year 2017 dammit! But it’s waiting to figure out does he actually like me? Do I like him? When are we going out again? Does he think I’m pretty? What is he thinking? Where the f*ck is this going? UGH the exhaustion. I’m getting a little anxious typing this because it’s also what I’m currently thinking and feeling.

I know there are a TON more reasons why dating is the actual worst, I just can’t think of any at the moment. Leave your reason dating is the worst in the comments! I would LOVE to hear them 🙂

Single anxious girl signing off…

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