curiosity .

I can never understand why people are so curious about exactly which dating site/app you have met your boy at the moment on. Every single time I have said  “yeah, I’m going on a date with so and so”…they’ll be like “oh, where’d you meet him?” I always respond with “online.” That is apparently not a satisfactory answer, because the next question is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, “okay, but where did you meet them, like which site??” I am always so annoyed by this because I am most likely embarrassed to tell you exactly which site/s I am on. Like who wants to say I met them on OKCupid or Tinder?! That’s embarrassing! I might not be wanting a “hook-up” but now you totally think that’s what I’m looking for because of those sites.

Now if you’re a single person and you want to know so you can try it out then I totally understand BUT it’s usually the ones that are married or in relationships that want to know for curiosity sake. Let me just ask you right now to STOPPPPP. Please for the love of God do not make me tell you that I am going out with a guy I met on Tinder or Bumble or Coffee & Bagel or or Plenty of Fish or Christian Mingle.

I also don’t gives two f*cks to tell you that I met them on the more respectable and socially acceptable sites like EHarmony or I am having a hard enough time navigating this whole dating world that I don’t need the judgment or just innocent curiosity nosing in my business!

So the next time I or your friend tell you we met a guy/girl online please, PLEASE, pretty please with a cherry on top, just say “YAY!”

Please and thank you!

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