the problem with conversations .

THEM…them meaning, the guys! I happen to pride myself on being a great conversationalist. I can ask questions at the wazoo, while still being aware that it doesn’t get annoying. I care to know things about people. As a lucky introvert, I care more about real, meaningful conversations. Along with meaningful and getting to know you convos I love to talk about food. Like seriously LOVE it! Food can bring people together like nothing else can, it’s pure magic!

The problem I find with me starting or carrying on a conversation is actually having to CARRY the conversation. I can never understand how hard it is for the guys to ask questions. Like what is the problem?!!!?? I am a funny, interesting, deep, and to hideous single girl, why can’t you ask me damn question?? I will happily except silly questions like what did you have to eat today? what’s your favorite color? what hobbies do you have? Any of these questions will do and keep me wanting to talk to you. BUT when you ask one, ONE question and then I answer and you ask me nothing back I tend to be at a loss.

Take Bumble, the dating app, for example. It stresses me out, 1. because I have never seen better looking guys on a site. For real ladies it’s ridunculous! I’m sure some of them might be fake profiles but woahhhh baby are they hott… AND 2. the girl has to initiate conversation. It is nerve wracking to have to message these guys. It’s even harder because they all say “please say something funny” or “don’t just ask me about my day.” BUT I am here to tell you, I have tried every different way except a naked selfie which is never EVER going to be an option.

I have sent a GIF of Joey from FRIENDS saying “how you doin”. I’ve made jokes or mentioned something that they put in their little tiny paragraph. Those weren’t really well received. I remember when I sent a joke to every single guy for the day as an experiment and would you like to know how many guys responded to me??? zero, nada, zilch. Like WTF!! The same guys who said be funny, be original didn’t respond to originality. You want to know what they did respond to….”Hi! How was your day?” OR “Hi! How was your weekend?” Those, THOSE, are the words that get responses, it’s shocking. This sort of proves my theory that guys don’t know what they want but they usually don’t want unique and original. BAM!

All I ask is that there is a single guy out there that is handsome (I always feel the need to make that clear to God) that knows how to actually carry on a conversation. Do those men exist?? If you have found them please reply with the places I can find ones like that too. Okay, thanks 🙂

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