the bar kiss .

I had my very first random guy bar kiss a couple of weekends ago in New Jersey. I’ll pause for applause…

This is a pretty big deal for me because I am never in that situation to even have a random bar kiss. I am not the type of girl that guys approach or that approach them. I am way too nervous to ever go up to a guy and just say “Hi.” I am a pretty confident person but when it comes to men I’m not good at them. You might be able to tell this by the title of this blog, hence the single in the single girls diary.

This guy was cute. He had tattoos, which I’m totally in to. We were playing beer pong and decided to go over to the juke box, okay iTunes music selector thing because this isn’t the 80’s. He starting giving me compliments, too many compliments though. They went a little like this, “I like your eyes, your smile, your hair, your jewelry, your makeup…” It went on like this which was unnerving to me because 1. compliments make me nervous and 2. they were over the top. He was really cute and nice and super fun while we were playing beer pong.

Meanwhile over at the juke box after he was done complimenting me he leaned over and started kissing me. It was nuts! It was a pretty decent kiss but for me I have to be crushing on the guy to really enjoy the kiss.

Well the best part (worst for me but good for the story) is that towards the end of the night after we had kissed a few times I start to see tears streaming down his face. I should tell you he is so drunk and I am so not. I start laughing because like WTF is this guy crying?!!!?! He then proceeds to tell me that I wouldn’t really like him because most women don’t like him once they know things about him. This made me nervous because I don’t like secrets and I hate when guys say that. I was curious so I told him to tell me and boy did he.

He said that most women end up thinking of him as a sexual object and don’t want to really get in to a relationship with him…cue more tear streams. He then told me the one thing that might stop me from kissing another random guy ever…he has 7 kids, yes 7 from 3, THREE baby mamas!! I am still laughing in his face because I don’t believe him at all because he is 28 and I can’t see how the hell he has made that mistake 6 more times. Meanwhile he is still crying by the time I leave.

So peeps, that is the story of my first and possibly my last random kiss because clearly I pick some winners.

Way to go single girl…

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